Friday, June 29, 2007

Chiling appear in commercials as do wedding

Photo : wear and evening wear, the Blue Lake Chiling

Chiling Lin (Chiling) Pantene filming a new series of TV advertisements will be held next Monday night officially launched. This crew went to different parts of Thailand filming, every detail meticulously, both luxurious settings, and valuable antiques racer, Blazed gorgeous evening gowns and diamond ornaments, Chiling put all of the internal and external beauty shines appear more perfect.

Advertisements, as a wedding like wearing expensive diamond earrings, stunning her put bright flashes of the charge, She displayed the most beautiful and healthy radiance side. Another scenario Chiling replaced, dressed in blue gowns lake, in the classical luxury light on the promenade running, With a blackened sounded her swaying and distribute healthy atmosphere. Sunset, the light-dependent Chiling beside antique cars, scattered rays of the setting sun as silk Xiufa, glitter and glory, screen like a beautiful works of art.

Ultimate may not ring

In the shining beauty of this film, Chiling feel like being back in her dream wedding, asked her ring is a man had proposed to her, she smiled : "Of course not, I still look forward to that day! However, I think that as long as I liked the people, did not ring it does not matter, really like I can! (Which can be ideal target?) At present there are no, I am still waiting for my appearance. "

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