Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Wilson behalf of the Friends against injustice

Photo : Wilson (left), and Hong Zhuo Li Tungaokang 童心未泯

- Saturday at the "star-studded Yiu Baoliang", a group of singers Tungaokang, Wilson and Sun Boy'Z. Qi PLK yesterday to attend the visit, the meeting with the 50-year-old Po Leung Kuk many students celebrating the birthday of Qi, He also together the 10th anniversary of the handover. The mother Tungaokang just yesterday, still have bitter feelings present, when he and the children play games, just to squeeze out a smile. Wu talked about her mother's funeral, he said yet to be determined date, I believe it will be the end of June to early July funeral, Mummy tablets will be placed on Fanling, before he accompanied her father to gather the urns. He said that in a mother's funeral, will leave the funeral Mummy will engage sister.

Unscrupulous veterinarians

Wilson recently launched Xinshe, but he copied Jing-Xuan Zhang. He said there was no tease, and he felt if their views, we will accept it. He also said the night before a friend gave him a call, referring to the family dog suffering from rabies after that he bring dogs to the veterinary treatment, But consultation has received 20,000 yuan, he said he had decided to open the online log these unscrupulous veterinarians evil, to eliminate the unscrupulous traders and veterinarians.

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