Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Xuekaiqi wrappers sell soul

Photo : Xuekaiqi take photographs in his bedroom, was tense mood

Xuekaiqi (FIONA) plus the first new music from today's best dish was launched Xinshe, Apart from the two new songs plus 10 song, the more three FIONA painting autographed picture, to tie three songs. She invited her father, Wong Wai Man and black paint for her to meet other songs.

Money market shooting

FIONA this Xinshe produced the biggest breakthrough is in their Xianggui shooting event. originally intended to give us a sense of arrangements FIONA in their bedroom shooting event, but when the film, I wonder if too many people relations, promote FIONA felt very natural, especially in the shooting sleeping in bed, so she was more a sense of embarrassment. To allow FIONA natural that the director was the clear shots, however FIONA feel uneasy. Finally photographer has taken more time to complete the double shooting, in addition to the bedroom shooting, more FIONA brushed photographs, Since childhood she had studied ballet, which also has her ballet photos in a variety of forms we see.

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