Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Xuekaiqi shoot MV downtown Taipei Jiwen

Photo : Xuekaiqi out Xin She did not forget to thank Fangjieming

Xuekaiqi (Fiona) the first new music to increase the official publication of selected records. Earlier she made a special trip to Taiwan to two new songs MV shooting, as two songs with consistency, So, this time only to find a leading man, with her shooting for a 15-minute video. For the plot takes two tablets in the Jiwen more stringent. Fiona talked about filming the process and can not help shouting very embarrassing.

Fiona disclosed earlier shooting of Taiwan's two new songs MV office, a male co-operation. When asked about any intimate scenes? Fiona, said : "ah, I have asked the company whether it is necessary, because the two songs of the speakers and one pair of regular men and women make to break up, while the woman is not like the man, not just his confidence, proposed breaking up, and using any money to tin, is to find that my account tin Boys, no feeling of love, tin are shooting three times. 」"

Fiona said that the most embarrassing is that a shooting in the downtown Hsimenting "Aguilar" show, under the watchful eyes of the shooting, She screamed really super embarrassing. The director for the film MV many singers, she also trust each other. Is this OK since she kiss into the most time? Fiona admits, she said : "Operators have departments, but not to focus on the tin part. "Fiona ourselves right feelings are quite sensible, although she MV role with the same casual dating have many worries, But she will not often make breaking up.

Toe into ink so misunderstood Bozhi

MV talked about shooting anecdotal Fiona said that it is a drama she stresses at home and ink paintings, Results her bucket of ink glass floor, she will simply continue to draw black woman, However the toes of her feet are soaked A slit ink, how to wash also silent. She shot the film before inadvertently hurt his foot, but was forced to wear a pair of slippers, a pair of slippers she wore at the "wired" program, But on the camera falls on her toes covered with arrows, Cecilia Cheung watching television revealed that her black toe, Help is a call to the company to remind Fiona manicure, told her to pay attention to their appearance. Fiona learned afterwards, she could not help laughing loudly, she understood Bozhi out of a well-intentioned, also a call to the company Bai Zhi explained.

In addition, it will ask Fiona Xinshe sent to the scandal boyfriend ancestral name? She says frankly, because Xinshe "unwittingly" This song is singing from the motherland works, this should also thank her ancestors, and willing to own singing songs to her and placed within Xinshe.

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