Wednesday, June 13, 2007

LIAO Bi abuse Min Hao Chen "too good"

Photo : A superb prove LIAO Bi abuse like "in a manner"

"I toyed with playing the Olympics" program last night for video artists have attended LIAO Bi infants (Bernice), Lu Ye, Lysa and Cuicui. LIAO Bi abuse and night "in a" Hao Chen scandal, has been playing A make a joke of it. A smart funny asked Bernice hands of the table "in a ritual," she said, "a good," A smarter then laughs : "I would like to join you in so deserved. "Bernice heard only laughter.

5-inch scissors government actively sought international recognition

A smart and later also said Bernice answered sailing, the answer the question. Then laugh So it is necessary to refer to love turn, will really "PK", was also meant to clarify Parking. He believed that "in a manner" not to recover the wrong girl, told Bernice also love stability. Bernice last night appeared to cool hairstyle, 5-inch bear to cut hair. She asked trouble worn silk, whether romance? She Xiaowei not know that they just want to cut and cut, we have no other meaning.

Cuicui learn to sing

Mr Cuicui recent study singing with a teacher, will have the opportunity to open his father festival performances, Lin Feng more with choirs in the program, she will have to pay a bell, so impolite. Lin Feng mentioned signing King, she feels that if agreements with any one record company is not a problem, Even with the scandal boyfriend Li Yi Long chorus, would not mind.

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