Saturday, June 16, 2007

Zhuo Ling ancient music performances sponsored / Zhu companion

Photo : Cuban music and the costumes and Zhuo Ling

Ancient music and outstanding leadership of the Ling Lai Sheng Theater, on June 17 in the mountains, Japanese opera theater, the program is "Zhicha." Ancient music for more than 10 years said no performance! Because of a poor market, coupled with his work to put in frequency between Hong Kong and Guangdong, and there is no time to perform. This year the economy is doing well, himself busy now, with the application of the Cantonese Opera Development Fund for sponsorship and in the booking department grant, it will perform the arrangements.

Talking opera Development Fund, the ancient music full of praise. He said that the Fund-sponsored, though a small amount, can be said to be meant only means, but to be funded, they will be encouraging. Apart from the performances of this ancient music and Zhuo Ling, there are sound Chen Liang, Chen Jin, Yi-Chun Chen, Zhangyanfen, Tsui Ying, Chang Yuan organization, Chen Yongguang, etc.. Ancient music with Zhuo Ling came from the arts center's opera classes and classes in Cantonese opera is Ars Technica, and Libaoying Liuchaorong students. After completing the course, in the 1980s, Ars Technica and Libaoying organized for them Emily Music Forum theaters, give them the opportunity to perform the internship. Libaoying with Ars Technica separate development, Emily Music Forum With disbanded. After that, they will have to perform their starting classes, it now Ars Technica in the troupe also serves as artistic advisor.

Ancient music with Zhuo Ling is a principal, his only opera amateur interest in their ancient music is open to trading companies, done in the wholesale gift business, this often to the mainland to see samples. He said that fortunately they are not salesmen, or even no time performance.

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