Friday, June 15, 2007

"Old Port" premiered rain water Choi

Illustration : "The Story of the old port," all without fear of rain, according to the premiere-excited mood

Anthony Wong, Maoshunjun, miles (Karen) and Ronald Cheng (Ronald). Last night at the movie "The Story of the old" open the premiere ceremony, but not for the ruler of the United States, at the start of the ceremony that began to rain, rain, the cast and guests will toast Chengzhaoyusan power. Song and the director of the Dai-Drenched suit was through, but we think it is a good omen, showing water money. hope that the film box office was huge.

Christian movie tear

Ronald described the goodwill of the film, Bao Bao "shouted full meal," he also knows this and the leftist mentality, They mainly to a conviction and a persistently, he admitted after this he himself has become more patriotic. Like that films will head its scandal girlfriend Charlene Choi (Sa), "Wang Wang show," he smiled : "Hong Kong people should not fight, that only foreigners! "And said that they will be offering A Sa market, the night did not please As A Sa attended shows, he explained that the requested Cheung Tat - ming will not vote A Sa is referring not compared with Damien, A Sa know he would tease him, and he has confidence : "No, We are good friends, good friends of course, to buy support! "

Qiusheng dutiful son

Qiusheng and Maomao respectively father and the mother and their children were also in the traditional grammar schools and international schools? But both have shortcomings, they have trouble. Qiusheng because of which go to Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou propaganda "old" films, this day would not be able to Father's Day celebration. But he feels important, as long as the children love, every day is Father's Day. He believed his son karaoke love reading also OK, it could be painting son gave him a card? He said that the son of 11.0 tutorial before going home, no time to painting. He finds a decent education system, students only an important rote learning, as in machinery and computer training is a waste of time, his son, It was not prepared to allow her son to study abroad. Maomao and Aged 12-year-old daughter falls into adolescence, in addition to thinking big change also because the international ethos of the school, which acts more liberal. To accommodate their return to the mainland propaganda and babies will be with their families early in the evening to celebrate Father's Day.

Miners show betel

In addition, Karen evening dresses to short appearance, his parents and brother also have to cheer, but not on her boyfriend Stephen Fung. She smiled : "Of course he is their ease! "Said Stephen Fung may later performed wearing swim trunks and asked her to read him wear swim trunks? She said with a smile this classic scenes left to the press, she has not seen speaking, of course.

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