Wednesday, July 11, 2007

BB Jay with the show 10 times the energy

Photo : Jay BB show that with better patient

Lau Ching-wan and Miss Gigi Leung yesterday attended the first Chinese Disneyland fantasy fairy tale "Magical small gourd," the reporter, film director who is also the director of the system and Chu-yan, Zhi Zhong firms and the director responsible for the film scores of the First Affiliated Hospital, participated. Zhi Zhong trip meeting spot painting the two protagonists "treasure hyacinth" to tell, to the Qing and Jay.

Playing the primary school teachers

Qingyun this as a game of "treasure Hyacinth" dubbing, Jay will perform the role of primary school teachers, This story is not to teach students to the world the tendency of things, we must strive for. Gigi more to the earlier shooting in Hangzhou, Jay said : "good heat, and, therefore, a few hard, good luck in indoor shots, I can easily Coaxial. "

Jay also plays with the children so many opponents play, during filming, we must from time to time to coax them happy. is like playing a game. She was referring to some of the girls on the special "insane" she. She has hope that there will be female students. In the next Qingyun said with a smile immediately different, if BB shout out immediately to the mother, because most are not communicate with the BB, BB majority but to her grandmother. Jay also admitted with BB crew and you have 10 times the energy.

Healthy Diet husband

Although the stories teach children not profiting, but Qingyun also hope Mark Six. Reporters Mark Six lottery money, also is paid. Qingyun agree, he refers to himself is not a tendency of people, if less pay for more work has been good. The himself satisfied. He later shooting CityLine For a preview of coming to the new movie, he CityLine For a preview of coming first, slimming, First Fertility 200 pounds, Finally, he would prefer to lose weight.

In addition, her husband hung Chu Ting earlier suddenly excited thin, and his brother, yesterday asked Chu Yan matter. He pointed brother good health, I would like to thank everyone concerned. Rumor has it that Chu Ting is slimming reduced to anorexia, he said did not want to talk about, or his brother to the media accountable for them.

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