Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Chenguanxi signature pen will be reimbursed 10

Photo : Chenguanxi good nice pair of fans

[Liu Wenjie Shanghai on the 10th -- before Chenguanxi with his latest Mandarin album, "Once again, let me introduce myself" Shanghai Wujiaochang in bookstores at the shop will sell. Although the outside began to rain heavily, but did not douse fans and the enthusiasm of the fans and Chenguanxi courted, scene is very grand, this chip will be a full two hours spent signing of the 10 pens, Zhang over 2000 sales of the CD to prove that the popularity of small kings how high.

Bad Boy is not bad;

"Chenguanxi understand the true theme of" a new album, this is a chip after has given us a way to understand the real Chenguanxi. "Bad Boy" is not bad, but "very nice", in particular his treatment of fans. And the number of other big-name chip will be different, in addition to signatures, charming smile, warm handshake, an earnest "thank you", which he gave the fans are additional gifts. No wonder many fans have appeared at the pleasure waters, unsure of the link.

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