Friday, July 06, 2007

Ching - Tsai complained exclusive three girls

Photo : Ching (left), Wei-Jiang Zhang, the yuan fall in Taiwan will attend the new film screenings

Wei-Jiang Zhang starring new productions "A" Taiwan's China Television was launched, The day before yesterday he, together with director Wong Ching and the autumn-yuan of Taiwan propaganda creating a momentum. Wei-Jiang Zhang plays played a good fight grievances of the Hong Kong Marine Police, as well as an anti-piracy force the civilian heroes it will premiere specimen in a special election on the luxury ferry, and on a five-star hotel buffet for everyone to enjoy.

Although the General Assembly carefully, so that we eat side side view of the beautiful scenery along the coast, but Wei-Jiang Zhang Jing Wang has complained that too eccentric. in the new arrangements for their three girls, but-earners from start to finish in only one sister, the specificity is too. Tsai said age-not small, the Taiwan media for his marriage to worry about, no decent-earners : "My mother wants me to get married again after his first, but my 10-year-old lady when it was over the hole of. "

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