Friday, July 06, 2007

From the cruel untamed Daomengshi to Run transfiguration as they Matsumoto

Run-day Matsumoto my life. "Meteor Garden" barbaric enthusiasm, recalcitrant Daomengshi, possibly because of deep into the drama, that he is becoming more and more like Dao Ming Si, and even privately people unapproachable. However, he took the "cooking fresh," playing Laihuan were called to the newcomers. Matsumoto Run politeness has become the hot-blooded youth.

According to the Central News Agency Taipei -- "Meteor Garden" Currently 8:00 every night in weft Feverish Popularity to Japan and Taiwan. "Meteor Garden 2" - hour version of a behind-the-scenes tidbits came on stage tonight.

According to the Japanese "female Weekly" reports, Matsumoto Run seems to be "Meteor Garden" dandy role of infection, Even after the next game, a body still distributed to Daomengshi "scares away people" finale. Staff revealed that the image Daomengshi deeply rooted in people's minds, and privately-run Matsumoto is also very straightforward man mettle. In addition, he always had big dark glasses, wearing a dress handsome type, star full flavor, not easy to make people feel light near.

Some media reports, "Meteor Garden" fixing feast day, Matsumoto Run still wearing his signs big sunglasses, While stressing phone outfit appearances to enter the site on a warm caused a riot. But the brothers Tumbling to the toilet around, came back immediately asked, "can smoke here? "She went on to drinking wine, full of" Daomengshi "style.

But this big image in Matsumoto took the Run "cuisine fresh" after the smash, From humble your son has been called into Laihuan as they go, deep into the drama Matsumoto Run seems to follow the change of character. Recently in "cuisine fresh" fixing reception, and his attitude and past a 180-degree change. Phone chain disappeared, although he loves wearing the glasses, But with the pro-Ichimura was concealed or Takeshi Sasaki and other older artists-words, we will certainly take off his attitude very prudent.

During the banquet, Matsumoto Run has always hung bright smile, but also to the efforts and staff interaction, sizzling atmosphere, cyberspace is how the hot-blooded youth.

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