Saturday, July 28, 2007

Chun-Chieh Lin was banned MV

Photo : Chun-Chieh Lin arrival although security was still tight confusion (this perturbation)

[Han Chongqing on the 27th -- small Asian kings Rock Spectacle (JJ) has been brought in the whole of the Asian record 400,000 sales The new album, "West," and went to the municipality will meet the media and organized a chip activities.

Focus on the first wave of "killer" MV lyrics of the theme is very bold, depicting human nature at multiple levels, with a similar metamorphosis of perspective about love. JJ MV were playing a multiple personality of a writer, Peach simply a sweet college girl, In their frenzied tracking, JJ beginning of the female students under house arrest and eventually choose to kill her. so that she will remain by their side. It is reported that the MV preparations for the months spent millions of fidelity has scared the chilling atmosphere, not only a picture of naked girls. but also mutilated, bloody scenes of decapitation, and so on. Therefore, the MV ban has been adopted by many TV, the outside world is concerned that this will cause young people MV blindly imitate, this, JJ meet in the media conference careful clarification : "The MV is a negative example, the performance of the dark side of human nature. MV entire production like a frightened Li films, there seems little plush feeling But this is just a manifestation of art savvy, and hope fans do not imitate. MV performance is only my own a breakthrough, not only the JJ sunshine, but feeling a bit nasty JJ. "

Sister relationship with Protean

Recently, JJ has Chuan plays matchmaker by Jolin Tsai its sister relationship, which JJ laughing, and bared his landmark dimple said : "This is the matter two years ago, Jolin Tsai is my circle of friends with good intentions about my understanding of her sister, But later no longer linked. "When asked how my sister did not know the caller Jolin Tsai, JJ smiled but did not reply, the reporter asked : "That Jolin Tsai told her sister who is more beautiful? "JJ did not consider, immediately replied :" Of course Yi-lin more beautiful, but we may become neighbors, The new company may Music studios in Yi-lin home side. "Finally it with JJ Yi-Lin created scandal, more initiative, revealed :" I like to feel the girls next door, girls. "To show sexy and Sweden Yi-Lin is a good friend only.

Will meet the media after JJ hurried chip will be the scene when Sleeveless an orange T-shirt, black trousers JJ's appearance, The wait at the scene nearly 3,000 fans immediately screamed everywhere, and the scene suddenly went out of control, even up to 1,000 fans thrusting a wall of security guards scenes. JJ security under the cover quickly sealed locks with the venue and only opened the door for a chip, and the fans because of overcrowding and fall over each other push-pull, or even quarrel with the security, more fans in situ cry on each other's shoulder, and tearfully told reporters : "I more than 7:00 on the morning to wait. It has been waiting for eight hours, but now even JJ not see what will happen, for the first time saw such a thing, get someone annoyed by too. "It is interesting, but also because fans get JJ's signature and scream at the scene and then choked with tears. Finally excitedly exclaimed : "I shook the hand of JJ, good warm yo! "At this time, has not been signed by the fans immediately sour says," so hot days, cold hands is the only strange. "

Fans will sell out

In another development, JJ also sell site for the victims in Chongqing donations, "I know only yesterday due to a rainstorm hit Chongqing news I hope to be able to do my part to help the victims in need of help. "JJ says.

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