Sunday, July 29, 2007

Television Xinhua / ATV is a good sign / His great

Photo : "celebration" of the ATV can fight a nice battle?

With ATV moved to a new plant in Tai Po, and the new shareholders, the new management of the formal succession, the ATV can be said to have entered a new stage.

This new stage, it is also the television industry is facing changing times, These include production of television programs, and the end of the transmission to gradually converted to HDTV standard, TV stations would provide more free channels to be held next Beijing Olympics. Order now between free television and pay television and the competition has become more fierce.

For ATV, I think this will occur when ownership changes and management easier. for this long-standing weakness has created a new TV turn for the better.

Although it is said that the face of the recently launched wireless strong drama "Fengyun years," ATV enable the same time, "Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai" ratings plummeting to a new low (only 2:00), REFORM immediately result in enhanced channel of the "celebration" engaged, it seems to be a new management performed setbacks, But I think it is a good thing, because at this time the more problems Let the new management can see the ATV and weaknesses lie, in order to explore the final source, we can prescribe the right medicine.

ATV's long-term weakness is the lack of a long-term, stable development environment, it can produce excellent programs, absorb their audiences. Every now and then occur on the upper personnel turnover, inevitably trigger some relevant departments of personnel changes, and the production and program changes in the personnel department, a more direct impact on the overall production and strategy.

It is because of this, ATV although some programs such as "Find out of the story", "Hong Kong Today D", "Princess Returning - Pearl," and creators have high ratings records, or even to establish their reputation, so its progress. Wireless also made several REFORM to contend with, but when you are looking forward ATV protracted, reversing the one-sided situation, but because of its failure to persevere, and the subsequent weak, as a result of these achievements, like fireworks into momentary glory. back calm and even without success also, it being sorry.

Wireless advantage is not absolute and that the most important thing is to have good ATV programs to attract viewers, rebuild confidence, and must continue, of course, must have publicity, advertising world, can be effective, to change the current imbalance, Otherwise, things can only achieve half times!

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