Monday, July 02, 2007

Eason Chan media will be the focus of the 2,300

Photo : Eason Chan on Metro radio stations into a media focus

"Tsuen Minds return to the motherland 10 years" and the "seventh largest Chinese-language media Music Awards" last night in the wind, attended, including singer Eason Chan, Leo Ku and Miriam Yeung, Crickets, Miss Priscilla Chan, Hacken Lee, and so on. The night a total of 41 awards presented, male singers were Eason Chan, Leo Ku, Hacken Lee, Jay Chou in the two awards, female singer Miriam Yeung Chinese to the best results. Mainland singers Hong Han won the "Decade of the most popular singers return to the country," He Jie awarded on the "Decade of the most popular new national reunification", the winners were grateful to Angel, Wong middle.

2,300 held in October Gongguan

Eason was arranged the night before the festival program, but the scene of the 11:30 him until 1:30 before Marseille some viewers have left. At the end of last year, "Metro" Win Fights ceremony Eason awards issue because of his record company a new arts-boycott "Metro . The appearance of the night Eason naturally become the focus, and asked him "Metro" and the relationship has been good? He said that only supported the company's decision, "I just do it when the return show, I do not have to hit the fitness cars, hee hee! "Eason also disclosed is scheduled to be held in October in Gongguan fifth 2,300, and he hopes to be set dance elements, playing together with the fans of all.

1000 Hua do return show honored

Miriam Yeung will be held in Boston in October, she burst Eason in filming the scene has been singing, is open all day concert. She laughs again that the reason is because he, himself unable to increase market. Last night she took part in the exhibition at the new wing of the return show, talked about the first time singing before President Hu Jintao, she feels very honored. She asked to shake hands with President Hu feeling, she said with a laugh : "only 40 seconds matters occurring, I have yet to return to God, he just departed. "

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