Monday, July 02, 2007

Wah Tsai for Lele floats worried worried laborers

Photo : Wah Tsai Hey Lele graceful, very happy

Andy Lau ambassadors yesterday to attend yesterday morning at the Ocean Park Xiongmaoguan the opening ceremony, Wah Tsai early morning yesterday to the Ocean Park will volunteer work, take care of pandas, the first close encounter with floats, Lele, An An and Jia Jia, Wah Tsai said : "Giant pandas are really very lovely animals, we must take good care of them. 」"

6:00 early start

Wah Tsai early in the morning to six o'clock yesterday over to the Ocean Park has been changed into a panda care uniforms. Lift Giant Panda "leaves" to wash and then pounds good day to eat their weight, and learn to create domestic pandas food "Wowotou", and after Wah Tsai also charged for pandas physically So premises, be responsible for the feeding and graceful Lele eat, stay in the 2-hour, Tam worried piece in the retail industry. "I never thought that in addition to the panda bamboo leaves, as well eat『 Wowotou 』. Wowotou added panda can not absorb the vitamins and minerals, to give them a better health. "He Xiaowei previously tried rubbing flour made Wowotou eat, but playing panda eating Wowotou is a first.

Smart and lovely panda

Wah Tsai also praised really cute pandas, Lele and two eyes is also not afraid of strangers, very obedient also unobtrusive. But pandas accident he had been in the hair Youcuyou hard, I thought, as usual stuffed toys. He added : "Originally, the pandas are smart, and he knows how to bathe himself, and he likes to toy bamboo, playing side edge for food, They read these strange-lovely, you must fall in love with this animal pandas, I will also tell them to explore. 」"

At Wah Tsai also rushed to the Shenzhen Window on the return show, Wah Tsai said : "Recently it really busy, finished, "Long Xie Jia see" after returning to Hong Kong has never ceased, busy late Mandarin album, also busy September meeting and tour rehearsals, and the film "Brothers" has almost started, I almost time to only a few hours sleep at night when the day is an eye opening, This had fretted myself away quickly, not for a concert slimming.

President Hu praises of

President Hu for the night right Wah Tsai love more, holding onto his hands constantly speech Wah Tsai said, "The President said he was pleased to hear that I sing" Chinese "song called I would have the chance to more countries performances, The President likes the song I certainly happy, I have immediately told him that I will, the most important thing is to depend on the time and opportunity. "The President of a public singer, his love more, Wah Tsai think the President alike, each singer's song he definitely likes, but he happened to the camera giant!

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