Saturday, July 21, 2007

Edmond Leung August dish out high eccentricity denied Cork

Recently, a high netizens accuse Cork (Paco) and Leo Ku eccentric side fields, neglected Edmond Leung (Edmond), Edmond has so far failed to launch Xinshe. For Paco Super Jumbo said that the generosity that Edmond, Paco not eccentric, Wendao has not only satisfied with the songs, before he was the last recorded a song, is expected to be launched in August Xinshe. Edmond asked not think Paco eccentric? He said that it has answered the question many times, is not interested in re-FOR.

In addition, Chuan Wei-Jiang Zhang (Dicky) will soon father, which, as its old guest of Edmond said, Dicky has not received the wind, he could receive wind, but he has not seen long Qian Zhang, Dicky not recently in Hong Kong, it is difficult to help us find out the answer. As to whether the desire Dicky father? Edmond said that it had not heard of, we really do not know whether it wants to Dicky Daddy, Qian Zhang was pregnant but it is really good, he's for Dicky happy Mummy, I believe aunt want grandchildren.

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