Friday, July 20, 2007

Kelly highlights the swing

Photo : The Fairy Kelly really elegant

Kelly (Kelly) earlier for a snowy shooting television commercials advertising her to three different modeling there, First of all wearing yellow skirts coupled with a black boot provocatively, then sat on the motorcycle, to stimulate the expression of love. Stimulated acid like lemon kind of acid Tiantian feeling. After Kelly wearing brown House of all kinds of gestures, and representatives of the Black Forest Discovering sweet temptations. Kelly final yellow to orange sport said, do produce explosive jumping movements, instead of the expression of mango taste.

Swing a hundred times

In addition, Kelly more piece of the moon fairy interludes in the advertisement. Kelly said : "To create a shooting elegant feeling that the director arranged for me to sit on the swing, to keep down swing, and feel like a child playing in the park, can the principle of making the civilians working in entertainment. "Kelly the same day in the swing onto reverberate more than 100 times over, but there is not any feeling of dizziness.

As Kelly in Beijing who filming of the movie "The loss of beauty," and may not be able to return to Hong Kong was the Mid-Autumn Festival and Therefore, early arrangements donated cakes for friends and relatives. In addition, advertisers very generous, especially for air 200 boxes of moon cakes to Beijing. Kelly presented the film on behalf of staff.

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