Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Fu Ying shoot sharks calmed envelope Draw

Photo : Fu Ying on the beach shoot Xinshe wrappers

Fu Ying (Theresa) will be launched on the 18th of this month her first EP. She earlier shooting record holder when the weather is unstable, but she nondestructive The sunshine girls mood.

North Korea as early as 8:00 over her starting with the staff of Big Wave Bay, Theresa prepared a lot of snack foods and fruits, like the students to travel the countryside like a picnic. When she went to Big Wave Bay, the first with beaches and sun uncle saying hello to one and wanted to film can smooth rains. Not shooting, the sky was gloomy and under with showers, we greatly trouble. But when she prepared to bury spaces, and the rain has stopped, but also out of the sun, we are very excited to see, quickly shooting.

Originally, a shot was arranged Theresa playing kick the sea water, but when you go the beach, Not far away, to see a considerable shadow, the staff shouting : "magnetize shark? "Although I do not know whether true or false, but for safety reasons, it had to cancel last fall arrangements.

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