Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Ah See Playing without difficulty assigned Men

Photo : Joe cartoon dubbing for the realization of the aspirations of many years

"Assen Family Movie" by Wang Wan Hechaoyi and voice acting the "mother", and Wong Wai Man, Ho-starred with his father.

Ah See said that she lived in Canada less, it was indulging in "Assen Family" TV series, is a loyal fans. She especially for the mischievous son Bart role most enjoyable and beloved. Unexpectedly there after many years of the opportunity to participate in this film dubbing work, it all along, She wants most to the role of dubbing is Bart. "Bart is a special destroys the sweet, the kind of repulsive qualities, and 100 I have three similar. But Bart A hundred disgust to good in terror, in addition to drying will walk around, I asked myself no courage. "Joe Boys Playing the role allocated to ask her whether there are any special difficulty? "Distribution is the most difficult of Bart A notable laughter, and good luck, I looked out with friends in Aberdeen has played acoustic play games, In this regard, I do have the confidence. "

In addition, Joe can be quickly reached votes nemesis, she Exhibition to be held in August at the two concerts in the public sale of tickets yesterday. Due to the enthusiastic response fans, so booking system was stopped half an hour, not counting the Internet provides, Box Office is also necessary to suspend ticket 20 minutes. Many fans call to the record company and personal website Ah See complaints. Ah See Xiaowei : "Is my vote is fast approaching enemy, why are sold every so quick to vote when the machine. "

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