Sunday, July 22, 2007

He Jun-xiang 2-4 warm-judge Fans

Photo : The top four Miss microscope evaluation He Jun-xiang (left), Li Jia Hui, 2-4 and Chenhao

Taiwan's popular idol He Jun-xiang last night in conjunction with the Tiger, Hao Chen and Li Jia Hui as "the most Miss Mirror on" Judgment. See the scene from time to time with fans chanting his name, and turn every scene, fans have stopped looking for his photos, Dressed in a silver but was wearing a long skirt of Tiger fans also received a lot of support from the U.S. He Jun-xiang.

In addition, the first part of the backdrop to the forest fire breathing performances, the Taiwan side diarrhea suspected reversing the alcohol, so many Pageant background to nearly fall, (12) Lijieying more quickly spot, fortunate to have a (9) Wang Xin Lifting her and later after playing the A also gingerly. This year, swimsuits, swimwear links into purple, brown and gold, silver gray and black anthophyllite, wear them over a light-colored swimsuits, including the Pageant (6) Wang Hui-lin, 7) (weeks and the United States welcomed the (11) Huang Chung-yin, may thin texture of fabrics, which when placed Fushi "lower body" edition.

A smart shorts modeling scare

This year, not only immediately broadcast Pageant scores, but also ad hoc background Live, announced the quarterfinals. Photographer immediately taken by the shortlisted Pageant background ran onstage excited expressions, But also part of the shortlisted Pageant attitudes exposed before people. One of the masters of ceremonies and Mr Nat Chan, in line with modest links deliberately wear a gold-colored swim trunks and the shape of a very horrible, Another was the master of ceremonies Eric Tsang tease him a "modern."

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