Sunday, July 22, 2007

ATV stay powered Wai / Zhou Yi

Photo : Cengbaoyi (left), Lin Shen season and earlier arrivals for ATV riding on publicity series tenth anniversary of the reunification of the motherland big topic, In particular, relates to the history chapter in the modern history of information out numerous programs, academic subject gradually strengthen the proportion of materials, the media have sought to enhance the cultural and historical core components.

ATV recent broadcast of the documentary series, analyzing the evolution of Hong Kong, the Mainland and Hong Kong relations and the future direction are aligned with the return of the atmosphere, looking at the present, a deeper understanding of the three cross-strait understanding, but also visionary exploration.

Among the "declassified century", on Monday to 5 22:30 Home Channel, "Cuban-Pursuit" on Friday 23:50 broadcast, "The Hong Kong Story" closes on Sunday 17:30 broadcast.

"Declassified century Hong Kong" in the collection of information and invited guests visited the procedures and meticulous, as structured, Through in-depth history scholars 156 years, Hong Kong has been known to the changing display of political instability, economic shocks, and the positive social changes forge spirit. As "declassified century Hong Kong" in the program hosts are : Professor Chang Hsin-kang, Cheng Kai-ming and Poon Chung-kwong and John Leong, etc..

ATV is a liking to "declassify century Hong Kong" as video production version of the history of Hong Kong's core materials, at the beginning of this week broadcast several series of topics, including : description of the late 19th century plague outbreak in Hong Kong, Patients were sent to "conquer" the title of the vessels to rest, in fact die, after repeated for the masses. deliberations by the Tung Wah Group of Hospitals to plague patients diverted to Kennedy Town of glass treatment. Tung Wah Group of Hospitals and Medical Management also tends to unification.

"Declassified century Hong Kong" retrospective PLK also set up the meaning behind, Chinese dignitaries were once felt trafficking activities too rampant for the establishment of the protection of women and children in the Po Leung Kuk, for additional assistance from unmarried mothers. In addition, it is also exploring the lease signing of the treaty, hardly imagine the unequal clauses, such as water and land surveying projects, excited villagers rose up, raised by villagers in the New Territories groups "more training group" Anti-British, triggering a series of legend.

With fierce competition broadcasting industry, the resources and talents has been a corresponding increase in the ATV interact restructuring will take time, the transition period there will be no big movements, utilization of existing information materials for the summer walked replying, purchased outside drama "celebration" came first wireless stack "Fengyun years," from the military point of this strategy is still viable. Wireless gobbles up to the present the evening prime time hours the monopoly situation, it depends on the situation will continue. ATV deployment of troops stationed outside the stalls put the same time, retaining the Castle Peak expectations Wai made again in future.

At the end of this year to implement a comprehensive digital broadcasting, according to ATV will be extended for 24-hour news broadcasting, from the existing two channels increased to six, in cooperation with the Mainland, and expand non-prime-time offensive, ATV early follow the program, the real television body buried in the six months after the war started, viewers have more choices.

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