Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Hongzhuo up to be given to out-of Jieren

Photo : Hong Zhuo Li and Zhong Shu Man akin lovers

"07 dancing star concert press conference" held yesterday, a veteran of the strength of this great new contest can be considered the end of the prize presentation ceremony of a warm-up, they will develop and want to "CARRERAS" and "Dance" awards. At the press conference, the newcomers have Hongzhuo Li, Zhong Shu Man, if Jiang Lin, CK, they have to bring their favorite singer's CD scene notice when the evening idols perform songs.

Hongzhuo brought up by the Japanese singer gaining CD, said he is appreciate each other, although not understand Japanese, But to sing each other's songs. Another book is an idol Joey Yung, he said with a smile that might be Jieren Playing to sing a song, Record companies colleagues revealed he would like to take Jieren concert clothing to perform, but I do not know whether to part Jieren. When the singers but also with the other singers competition, the pressure will not be significant? He said no, because this show was very relaxed, not as serious at the ceremony. He asked which one is his countryman, he said everyone would have strong.

Zhong Shu unlimited agreed sexy voice

Zhong Shu Man to imitate idol Christine Aguilera, the other great jump-Dance! The other sexy dress, she will follow? She said he will not be wearing too sexy, only at most wearing long legs, but she would take measures to prevent sneaked away. Otherwise, the company will not let her colleagues appeared.

If Lin Jiang to sing when idol James Blunt songs, she feels the songs each other nicely, with talent. Although this is the competition, but she refers to a group of female newcomers very good relationship, we are friends encourage one another.

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