Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Sunyaowei as natural as the nephew Aberdeen

Photo : Sun Yao Wei and nephew live delightful

Sunyaowei (Eric) of the new album has approached the record sales figures, in a short span of three weeks have such achievements, He bragged that if the sales reached record figures, we will invite all the publicity the record company personnel travel to Thailand, well let everyone relax.

Eric recently bought a value of more than 20,000 yuan professional cameras, as their reward. Regularly they were photographed, he often acts as cameraman, on where to go to get where, sometimes, He will also self-timer and more trying to "photography people." His favorite is modeling his beloved nephew. Eric said that his nephew, who is completing the stage, but the first thing he is the "uncle" happy laugh out of him greatly. He said : "My sister I SIN sipping vinegar ah, ha ha! In fact, my mother urged me to marry commissioning Health Aberdeen, but according to family, I enjoy a good single expense life, I see my nephew, who is my own blood, just like people are all a gel! I bought Zo camera, I became my nephew expense model Matata, drainage is better cooperation, 2003, as long as the camera right to live channel, Drainage will be placed post, seems more likely nephew uncles Matata. Ha ha! !! "

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