Monday, July 09, 2007

Huilin replace Jieren making cakes advertising

Photo : Kelly attended activities and immediately returned to Beijing to shoot a new film

Kelly (Kelly) yesterday attended the conference advertising cakes, Before the brand has been looking for Joey Yung as the mouthpiece of this year to replace by Kelly, she said frankly : "Advertising is not usually find you Next, I am going to find. "This advertising for a period of one year, Kelly were done five different shapes, several modeling her are satisfied Among Six Feet sitting high on shaking thousands of Fairy modeling, she impressed me most, because sitting so high, it is really shocking. On another brand advertising cakes, Eric Tsang mother got to perform, Kelly asked her father why not EQ to perform? She laughs to hear that : "If that is true, then I must be under the commission! "

Beijing film homesick fat

In fact, this time around Kelly in the Mainland busy filming of the movie "The loss of beauty," This is a special trip back to find time to attend promotional activities this shooting over a long period, to three months in Beijing shooting, This has made Kelly homesick. Because she had never taken in the field a long time, she had to bring along a large number of peer necessities. Among missed a few boxes of moon cakes, the Mid-Autumn Festival this year, because she also spent in Beijing, but fortunately her boyfriend will go the Mid-Autumn Festival, Hou, to relieve her homesick. In addition, Kelly filming earlier injuries left scars has begun to fade, powder still clouding But Kelly said the picture again happy to once more show horse, do not have to ride a horse. She plays with Leon (dawn) sitting in a horse, Kelly worried that Ma Cheng could not take the weight of two people, So a little worried before a smoothly finished, the picture again once more after finally thrown hard.

In addition, Kelly also noticed that recently the Director of Broadcasting Chu Pui-hing and peer-Yan Baby news She also said frankly shocked to see them, she pointed out that a single news headlines few days is very powerful. Even that girl gives people shuffles suddenly seems Hung up. Kelly admitted feel the other side of this hardly free itself, but believed it would not affect the image of Hong Kong and Taiwan. because it is a private event.

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