Monday, July 09, 2007

Jiaying Bosco Wong CCO scandal girlfriend

Photo : Bosco Wong (left) and Zhengjiaying taste similar scandal on this matter praising girlfriend

Zhengjiaying, Bosco Wong (Bosco), LIAO Bi abuse, Yangsaiqi, Chen Minzhi wireless new productions "Strong sword." Actor Tonight broadcast yesterday for the final sprint new productions. Everyone is divided into two teams for the competition for new productions publicity given to the audience for the costume makeup, costumes, and then bending to play the bar fight, again hit the egg fight equilibrium, making the audience laugh out of the endless, the last two male and Bosco Wong Zhengjiaying choral theme song.

Choral theme song Thai funniest

Public scene of the actors play with three games to play to the audience first costume, the results of the winners "ride?" Victory. Then divided into two actors on the high bar, to see who could have the most long-standing support, an examination bending. The earliest true Zhengjiaying right Bosco Wong, Jiaying wearing a shirt, button solution to the uneven bars, causing Lu Qi and underwear edge, Bosco Wong and the crowd could not defeat harassment. LIAO Bi abuse followed by the Chen Minzhi, Razor abuse within seconds and then climbed up the bar, his hands supporting the body vacant. Chen Minzhi have two men and opened her on the uneven bars, the support will soon fall. Yangsaiqi lowered to high heels barefoot into battle, and easily held to win the TV models.

Competition then hit two eggs, and everyone except shoes have to be barefoot into battle and Pik-yee, Bosco Wong Si - qi with a team wins Jiaying. Chen Min one of the team, Park and stepped on them more sensitive-feet are eggshell. The theme song of the choir, Bosco Wong guest sang Thai, and Jiaying huge Fushi.

LIAO Bi abuse that owed nothing new to wear, swimsuits

Chen Minzhi earlier had said that if the ideal audience, do not mind wearing a three-point said, LIAO Bi said children have lost their novelty. previously had to go through a slimming itself Besides advertising company in the face of the contract. She also suggested the men play follow the example of the "wave uncle coming to town" to the V - Actor swim trunks said. do not mind to fly to London to buy it swimwear. Jiaying on laughs if she is willing to fly to London to buy, he will be wearing at home, stay back to some sense of mystery for himself and the other half. He also said he is a conservative person, and does not like wearing a T-back, laughs again asked : "Are lady,? "

Bosco Boys on a swimsuit that, trying to swim trunks enough novelty. Yesterday was wearing the same watch and Jiaying, ridiculed the taste of them were unanimous, the election girlfriend asked whether the taste, he says : "Bermuda (Niki, Jiaying scandal girlfriend) are limit ah. "Then his girlfriend Hu scandal or Niki Hand Liang Liang? He said : "The two are pretty Easy. "Recently his whole attitude growing up, he thought the actor should have different changes.

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