Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Jay from beauty image : that of touch

Photo : Jay should get rid of beauty image

"Successfully contained』 10 South to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region spectacular "yesterday at the Aberdeen Sports Ground. The General Assembly invited percussion teacher Qian Wei, the famous music of the First Affiliated Hospital, Chinese table tennis champion Wang Tao, and other eye-dotting the auspices of a lion dance and percussion performances, the other participating singers including Hacken Lee, Miss Gigi Leung, Jing-Xuan Zhang, Wong Ka-keung, entertainment and so on. Yesterday morning, the whole sky was clear, but Keqin finale Prior to the performance, a sudden claimed that he came to singing, it began to rain heavily, Keqin Chengzhaoyusan only embarrassing to continue to sing.

A smile and a tear

Miss Gigi Leung (Jay) on-the-spot interpretation of "Woman character," the film's theme song, She said songs are within the past 30 years to say, a "life hostile told me yesterday, today I laughed with tears," She feels these years more than the loss. For the "front Gigi," the title of whether it is time to get rid? She said the title of unknown origin, claimed strong character, as if by the front would have nothing to say. In short everything work, the days will lead a happier, and she also learn stride.

Chao mutual Budget

Another viewed in "Woman character" from the image of beauty, never tried She acted in the intimate theater. Her in a movie with George Lam (Lam A) actor Nie Yuan and the Mainland were burning passion play. A Lam and her bed in a game, and there were fierce Ye Yuan had "Chao" criterion. According to the script, with Jay Lam A couple of years, so that the market plays a bed with the object of comparison. Ye Yuan and Jay with the "mutual Chao" movie than the Lam A more passion. Speaking of the movie Ye Yuan Chou and two long suppressed feelings could no longer control himself and She Yuan sent to the home when viewed from the starting gate, "Chao each other," the supremacy. As director hopes realistic effect requiring Ye Yuan Chou hand into big skirts touch thigh. She Yuan because the initial cooperation with the Grand, initially was a little bit afraid, but Jay has said to him : "Do not worry, namely touch! "With Jay statement, Ye Yuan, put their minds at ease, the successful completion of filming.

Always very carefully show, even in yesterday's performances for the return sneaked away that because of the video program, Order a gust of wind suddenly whipped up the skirt blown up live, and you saw dark tremendous fight. Subsequently claimed to have backing, but "sneaked away" the remains stunned. However, she said, had sneaked away to take prevention measures, will always wear a dress the same color as playing tremendous.

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