Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Andy Lau twist off 10,000 people cheering

Photo : Wah Tsai popular, gets stronger

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the return of Hong Kong to China. Last night in Shenzhen Window in particular the "Shenzhen-Hong Kong young people to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the return of Hong Kong to celebrate the NPC 10000", Apart from the Chief Executive, Mr Tsang took office address, and asked Andy Lau, Eason Chan (Eason), including Hacken Lee, Miss Gigi Leung (Jay), Twins and Leo Ku, associates and Mingmin Zhang such as performing guests. attracted over 10,000 people went to enjoy.

A Costa Rican status

Activities to the fireworks display and float parade kicked off, and then the responsibility to take the lead from Wah Tsai singing, It also arranged for him to stand in the middle of a full status of a Colombian. Wah Tsai night to the most popular and Keqin, when they sang at the audience is to stir up trouble and report to the cheers, and kept waving the national flag, spectacular scenes also very impressive. The past few days had rain the night before a rare soul-searching went on, it at the end of the whole program are splashed with water. atmosphere of the scene pushed to a record high.

Fei Wen encouraged

Last night set-up to the bauhinia dominated by five large petals forming stage, in the middle of extending bridges with a small stage. Twins played at the hands begin to fall, and there were demeanor Wah Tsai escorted to wear the two-inch high heels Jay. When Wah Tsai sing "Chinese", with the market still acrobat in about seven stories for entertainment, Lian Wah Tsai could not resist the temptation to visit and to show Fei Wen, and then Wah Tsai recalls decades of achievements, consciously done is the most appropriate in "Infernal Affairs" and the election this film to sing "the saying goes," this song. But the most embarrassed less time with his family, he also found that many young people return to the knowledge more than he knew, they want to learn from them.

As Eason and associates Choir "Zhanzaigaogangshang," Eason gestures to indicate when the audience who engage in wave climate, He no fear of the stage, singing and dancing to the slippery, the initiative does not forget the help associates; Jay is in partnership with the Mainland famous tenor chorus of "100 is spent decades"; Jizi and Twins in collaboration with a number of 97 children born to the choir together.

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