Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Li Ming Shan 1,000 Short Visit

To be held in Tokyo in the video film festival, "Short Short Film Festival," on the 2nd of this month for the prize-giving ceremony. Starring film exhibitors who "Tian Gou public" star Li Ming Shan 1000, the guest of honor scene She begins with the modeling Moriizumi and the inspector fans Terajima forbearance together wearing purple clothes, appeared.

For new exhibitors who

When asked about his impressions of his participating in the exercise video, 1000 Chestnut Hill, said : "Although the film only for a short time, but it can describe a lot of content, very interesting. Though this is the film, but I hope to do a bit too long. "

Film Festival This is the ninth year, this year's grand prize winner is India's "Printed Rainbow."

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