Sunday, July 08, 2007

Linjiaxin volunteers were married veteran leaders

Photo : Linjiaxin (left), Chen Bo Yu, Lin and Jiang if Mr Ip attended activities

Linjiaxin yesterday, Mr Ip, if Lin and Jiang Chen Boyu "justice should not be delayed Ambassador" status, in conjunction with the Tung Wah Group of Hospitals three Stanley Ho Wan-Zhen Chen attended too by the Lion Rock Jaycees, Tung Wah Group of Hospitals and welfare of women will be organized by the "justice can not be late 2007 Volunteer Service Scheme," the opening ceremony. During Jia-Xin later revealed from the campus and the church selected 100 young people entered the camp to train and develop them to join the ranks of volunteers. to be followed by visits to single-parent families and living in cages and socially disadvantaged. Continued to ask her past may have done volunteer? She said : "The 11-year-old studying in Canada did when three volunteers teach children to do homework, because small leadership training, So now grown up family size by anything I say things that go on that I would travel guides do custody passport. "

Advertising delighted to be nominated

And talked about her sanitary napkins as spokesmen for the selected wireless advertising in the first run advertisements to compete for the prize presentation ceremony Best Actress Award Jia-Xin this is delighted to say : "happily, advertising artists and really good help but make a good and In fact, there is no second prize, the most important thing is to have repercussions on the advertising OK. "In addition, three daughters revealed too Wan-Zhen Chen Lin Chao He would go to the second semester of study in the United Kingdom, is now busy to cook for her luggage, and asked three daughters too will ban foreign students and go on dates, she is not opposed to her daughter to foreign friends, good understanding normal, always into the foreign countries.

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