Sunday, July 08, 2007

Andox sold immediately produce Andy Lau

Photo : Andox sold in Taipei, Andy Lau said manufacturers will rush into the market

Andy Lau personally slit made doll Andox cattle, and he often ordination up online diary, so popular doll. Sorry!Yesterday its design cow doll invited to participate in the Taipei Toys and Games Fair, and the launch of 300 sets of limited goods, attract a large number of fans queuing overnight for early selling, resulting in 300 sets of doll within an hour or so was swept away. Many are still unable to buy in the crowded counters refused to leave the scene, only staff to display "Sorry! Sold out "sold out the words in large photographs Wah Tsai, adjacent to the notice we do not have to wait any longer.

A cargo are also helpless

As in Hong Kong started Wah Tsai heard Andox popular feel very happy, Wah Tsai : "Thank you for support, really very happy so many people like Andox, I first create Andox only for the pleasure of it. did not expect that we can now provide entertainment. "Wah Tsai also said yesterday already received many fans in Hong Kong and other complaints that can not buy a doll that they have asked manufacturers to produce another batch. Andox hope that the crowds around him a little time, not to be too anxious. Q Wah Tsai have to worry about counterfeit products, or "speculation" high prices? Wah Tsai smiled : "A cargo has LV! If people know how to eradicate copyright piracy, please tell me immediately, I believe that not only I, the world would also like to know. Ha ha! "

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