Sunday, July 15, 2007

A lucky Optional mature women

By Nicholas Tse, Shawn Yu, Jaycee Chan Lin and Jiang if the new movie starring the "spirits" yesterday at Olympian City campaign During the banquet arrangements with the four actors playing the audience to watch a home game hand, the mother had been arranged with female viewers watch the hand melons, in the next Tingfeng praising the motherland were very strong, the ancestral name of his father, I believe he will some genetic. Results ancestors were very gentle, female viewers to watch him win. Lin Jiang turn if male viewers watch the hand melons, male audience for the game, if Lin Jiang win. Arranged after four children play power police, Tingfeng their black-lent children, They are also taught to play the gun-point to the media to take pictures, very funny.

Acting ancestors were chewing gum has become the documentary sponsorship, a total of six figure sponsorship. Later at the launching ceremony, said Mummy ancestors who may not attend, because he plays a lot of fight scenes, Mummy make a bit worried, the mother who said with a smile shoot these martial arts drama, a film was enough, he asked his father does not want to be the successors? Ancestors who said, let some small skills or Wuchi people to carry on, and did not ask ourselves the ability, he is taking better way out of the second. Ancestors who admitted making "boyish" When it's bigger, then what is Jackie Chan to him? Ancestral name refers to enjoy themselves instead of watching movements, but by his spirit and form, it did not give him advice.

A lucky Optional mature women

A movie with the music if Jiang Lin played lovers, and he is a great man's boyfriend, to keep the movie's girlfriend, deep drink He admitted the reality he would not do without grace. A music means if Lin Jiang with the same 19-year-old sister, the two men were on the same day health, when filming on the impression that we are doing with sister sweethearts, A Le good luck with that if Jiang Lin finished mouth after the game. Otherwise, he was afraid to go on tin. A music with their sister refers to a difference of six years, but he has already think we are very different in terms of age, he has been the target casual dating, Most large than he was, he might prefer a mature girl!

In addition, on days after Japan announced Binqibu go on dates with her boyfriend of seven years-long rapids are breaking up, Step Aunt filmed with the MV A fun feel sorry for the other side, I believe that everything can be diluted. He feels that men and women want to know right side, there will be pressure. A Lok 2007 is not casual dating? He immediately denied say no. He will be asked to further Aunt comfort? He feels that this is not always the happiest, it is best not to mention. If Jiang Lin revealed during filming, also Bozhi studio Hou, although Tingfeng when filming fight to drying blood flow, Bozhi but has been cool to the side support Tingfeng, so she very much admired and appreciated.

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