Sunday, July 15, 2007

Zhou Min Qi blew Americans to take off

Photo : Malaysian Ming (right) Zhou Min Qi wear scarfs, and claims her neck Xiangmo

Naomi Zhou Min Qi and Ma Ming skin center yesterday to attend the spokesmen campaign The General Assembly has also arranged for Malaysian Ming Zhou Min Qi wear a scarf to show her white skin slippery, Masters spot asked whether the Malaysian Ming Zhou Min Qi Xiangmo what? Malaysia out that the guest laughed : "want to touch this, but there are too many cameras to the scene. "Although Malaysia for being male, but can not accept too many Xiongmao homosexual, can not accept male shaving armpits, feeling too feminized.

Shaving armpits to her boyfriend

Zhou Min Qi self-love is a clean, it would be stripped Xiongmao proposed boyfriend, she smiled : "The weather so hot, Shaving will cool 1:00. (Will the proposed boyfriend shaving armpits?) This proposal is not bad, or to turn two summarized hair done? Wash would not comfortable living both bacteria miles! (Do not think that will become likely?) This is the hygiene issue, if enough masculinity, sun-a bronze color can have. "She also blew a child just a lot longer Ganmao beginning, Mummy said to be Americans, and after growing up think affect the appearance, Laser hair removal was done.

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