Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Mandy aspiration of the Tibetan OK

Photo : Mandy most happy out port, the principle of making the civilians working in entertainment

Emperor Wen and Wangkaijun go to a school in Tsuen Wan, the Occupational Safety and share experiences. Mandy said her father used to work in oil painting and after 20 years of long standing. Order waist problems arise early retirement. Mandy family many generations are oil painting, but he is the eldest child and hope that I can pass on to the next generation of technology. is learning, it was found that a very expensive painting tools, only to experience father hard to make money.

In addition, Mandy will be the end of July to Vancouver to attend the local radio station, she is very excited, because it is the first time for their overseas propaganda. Next month will be more films to Taiwan, although this criterion, but we had to go out very happy. Apart from their favorite travel on weekdays, there is no money, and time to travel. Mandy said : "I like to Tibet, although it may be hard Coaxial, but there will be significant proceeds, Moreover, should take advantage of their youth to old Zo are unable to OK! 」"

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