Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Scandal men and women make new productions Bosco Wong Qi Hu shaft into focus

Photo : Bosco Wong and Mr Hand of scandal when publicity

Bosco Wong (Bosco) and Hu pointing to the sex scandal that men and women Qi shoot new productions, naturally has become the focus. Bosco recently-pointing because despise Hu, refused to embrace each other. Hu refused to embrace the shaft, she said is actually in the show, I believe, are propaganda.

Earlier she and Bosco has been photographed in the car of photographs, accused of "car Lan." Hand Meihaoqi said : "I have not the time to respond, drainage walk drying cut other staff. "Asked her whether it will refrain from privately with Bosco dating? Hand said : "I stood there for a private event and never! "After we started topic, said the show is sponsored by the president wearing Valentino, in the hope that a film is a pretty happy. She laughed with reporters Bosco Wong who together make a natural happy, she says : "In cooperation have pressure, because people should be given a new experience. "For meals she wanted, pointing that the current 110 pounds, is not worried. Apricot or fertilizer before the image is too deeply entrenched.

Bosco had not seen the unfortunate Mr Hand reported. He said that the special news show, probably because Hu pointing cooperation with the relationship started almost every time a reporter here, naturally more scandal, but he will not care about these news, only when the publicity.

In addition, he who starred in the "Strong sword," broadcast last night, he hoped that the audience opened 30 points higher, after rising steadily. But drama was released earlier people downloaded online, he asked whether less afraid of a group of young love online audience? He said : "I have asked the producer, Qu Well then figures would be affected. "Of course he is a little worried that the only hope that we will not download, watching Genuine.

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