Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Godparent Qiusheng trying to recover the Zhouzhong

Photo : playing the father of Qiusheng (right) the old dance Zhoudong jump

Jay Chou (Zhou Zhong) and the Border were an old friend, Zhou Zhong Qiu - sheng also said so "godfathers", directed by Zhou Zhong virgin "can not say. Secret "invited" godfathers "helper, was Qiusheng readily agreed," the father price "star. Zhou Zhong undoubtedly hit a shot in the arm.

Zhou Zhong Qiu - sheng and in a movie his father, Qiusheng see A Aberdeen won automatically presented Min woman stratagem One of dollars is to "jump the old dance." The old dance show jumping But Zhou Zhong's elaborate design, he said : "This scene was not good speech, I pretended not a reluctant appearance, because follow his father's dance feel strange, sorry but he refused, so we can only go jump 1,10. Godparent really very professional Police, and I still affixed so close to an easy jump, I think he is really happy in the process. Face looks very overblown, which meant I frequently laugh market, but my feeling is quite together. "

Tactics, "an apple on the 1st"

"Dad at the Aberdeen Min woman is only natural, of course, with the experience of the Aberdeen-share. I danced Yes, I am shooting reminded many private? Woman to surpass him, Mrs Tan Apple 』one on the 1st, your day to send apples to catch up with the girl on it. "If he suddenly Qiusheng the tricky move to make filming a scene guffaws of laughter.

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