Monday, July 23, 2007

Stephanie Chea help Sunyaowei quick launch

Photo : Steven (right) said to vest jeans, Fu Ying on the dress more grand

Female singer Kenny (Race), Fu Ying (Theresa) yesterday signed for the new book will be held. Race推出新書《伶.Race introduction of a new book entitled "clever. Began to "attract more than 100 fans turn up, Race said he also visited stalls of the bookstore, responded quite positively.

Race yesterday's dress is very simple to vest jeans into battle, compared to harness Both the vest loaded the Fu Ying said. more corrosion lose momentum. Cox asked her not to feel robbed of the limelight? She said their clothing is very sexy, too sexy, she will be afraid inconvenient. She said with a smile as next book cover still wear than Kennedy, she will wear 3:00-to book.

When she visits discovered nearly 100 onlookers, people taking advantage of cheating? She said just very confused and was also advised walk, gagged so many people, she would still have his hands chest guards to protect themselves. She also expressed think about before the book was used to be, hence sales pressure. Fortunately, the first batch of 5,000 has sold out the need of another, she is very satisfied and happy.

Fu Ying a flowery dress straps at a new book entitled "T with sunshine" Signed, attracted support from more than 100 fans, who get a lot of gifts were idols. Theresa is not worried that the signature will be featured, because she is operating loyal fans support. Book sales have been 1000, she was very happy.

Stephanie Chea launched a new book entitled "Constellation AQ," she organized a signature, Old Sunyaowei (Eric) and Liruien scene, but the response is unsatisfactory, only 30 people queuing up, Wanwan but not unhappy, she said this work is her most satisfying, she feels Constellation can help solve many problems. Even former girlfriend to get to know Eric will first consult her views. She said Eric will help launch the analysis of different character. In the next Eric said with a smile before the setback by many, the TAC will be the first former girlfriend works Wanwan quality inspection scheduled.

Stephanie Chea book had recruited Sammi Cheng (Sammi) order for her to write, she learned that she praised Sammi book it so difficult to help her write sequence. 回復單身的Sammi,Sammi single reply, it will be ripped Wanwan help her fortune? She said no. Liruien expressed themselves letter Constellation, she often called Wanwan analyzing the problem. Recently, Lee Shau Kee Xuziqi the lords of the new claims to hold 10 8 Health enough to ask their lords Liruien has the same idea, She said the lords did not say so, these matters are still very easygoing.

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