Monday, July 23, 2007

Hui-Min Zhou first Friends of the same feelings start to card

Photo : Hui-Min Zhou first response to the changed circumstances hearsay, and said good relations Ni Zhen

Hui-Min Zhou (Vivian) and Ni Zhen came out from the situation changed after two regular paparazzi tracking targets. Vivian attended yesterday's charitable activities, the first word in response to changed circumstances rumor Vivian between stress and the feelings of her boyfriend has been good, said publicly that the boyfriend is trust, We have casual dating plus years between them, will not have spaces to accommodate any other person (third party).

Hui-Min Zhou attended a charity marathon's makeup, The event, to Po Leung Kuk, "the elderly leisurely years experience college life plans" to raise funds Vivian spot for two elderly Makeup dress, also out of his own pocket to donate 500 yuan to buy them some chocolate fund-raising. Vivian is the second year to participate in this event, she is to encourage the elderly to study, she pointed Mummy has 80 teen will ask the other side is not interested in further studies.

No news of a breakthrough

Before she has been rumored with NI earthquake changed, and she had to move out and live together Zhen Ni's home. VivianVivian lukewarm response, she said : "endless utter obliviousness to the news, before then I moved out, breaking up, burning hoops are fictitious. I have nothing in particular to respond to. "She said these rumors himself no impact, because it is not true. But this time she and the other half, their parents are often paparazzi tracking, and think time has been occupied, resulting in a great deal of inconvenience, But many families to thank them all good understanding.

Asked whether she has been with her boyfriend's feelings never change? Vivian said : "I real love life has been happily, I join the other half are clean. So we catch up photo taking, there would not be any breakthrough in what the press, unless it is utter obliviousness, but no meaningful utter obliviousness. "But Ni Zhen from time to time with the girls were photographed together, Vivian sail on the boyfriend said :" I have together with the Boys, These are normal social. "She noted that the two men work, the artists will set aside the burden, there will be a friend, space and lifestyle. not because they have the identity of the artists, their families and the other half live in the limitations and constraints, She feels that people should freely only happy, they will be happy to make a happy capabilities. When asked with a Ni Zhen disagreements? She stressed that everyone was very happy.

No other place to walk through

Asked her boyfriend to come? Vivian said we should trust each other, she felt that her boyfriend is a very competent boyfriend, we have been happily. She also said that her boyfriend and women dating, we need not explain to her, because everyone has their own space, and trust is very important. Members are aware years between each other's character. But two years of casual dating, each no hunters? Vivian said : "It is just the beginning, there will be around a lot of interesting people themselves. But with her boyfriend were together for some time, Members are aware each other in their own eyes how important the position, In fact, no other place to walk through. "

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