Sunday, July 08, 2007

Strong family to make records very satisfied to have babies

Photo : Andrew Strong (left) that was very satisfied with this year, next to Candy Lo

Wong Ka-keung and Candy Lo night for the "provocative Music Theater Building Museum Building super star" recording, the duo previously came across the sex scandal, But still affect the friendship between the two now have the other half is even more worried about scandal. Andrew Strong inevitably open old joke that Candy will soon be a mother, Candy or website. Continue after the boyfriend called Candy quickly suitor, her concerns are in hot demand, which makes her laugh or to cry. It seems when a father's home strong sense of humor a lot. Launched a personal Mandarin album, "he her" home strong, candor feel very satisfied with this year, which would add more of a baby, launched a first solo album; But he admitted so hard last night father Po.

Before Andrew Strong Health BB very mysterious, Candy would vigorously oppose the idea, saying that if the mosquito is, we will tell you. If her husband would not let her sing again what? She insisted that will not happen, and he smilingly said he would push her out to make money. Strong chip family that said : "Women want to make money easily, men very hard. (Is there a child, feel that the economic pressure?) I do not fear that the matter concerning the Ping-ping have your have your education. 」"

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