Sunday, July 08, 2007

Candy Lo would rather be a senior officer misconduct

Photo : Candy Lo choose to be a singer and woman, to give up being a Woman

"Fight Crime Star" Candy Lo (Candy), yesterday with Grace Yip (Grace) and Krusty attend the "2007 Annual Wong Tai Sin District Youth crime Stoker, China, "Candy in power appeal to everyone to be careful handbags Causeway Bay, the area is the"? bags of "black spots, she has two, three friends tried to be? wear handbag stolen from the pocket of his trousers and things, and fortunately, they had the experience. She also blew Auxiliary Cellular Aunt yes, their entry ago when WPC thought, but still feel safe playing better band. She told reporters still do a good housewife, she also agrees to do more leisurely occupation, but we still have to go into business. boyfriend has not proposed to her.

Grace put on a play after the emotional disorders

Krusty the Elan recently a laptop computer in online auctions, but on the 3rd and so on the other side is still not received the money, She legitimate debt collection, the banks said that it had received money, But after this, she has not recapture items online auction. Another member pointed Jan A brother had mistakenly honey trap cheated out of the phone, It goes downstairs Japan brother was at home this matter to borrow a cell phone, not a lie brother loaned the phone to each other, but the other side did not take a look back, she would send a cell phone to his brother. In addition, Grace earlier theatrical performances, "Feng Ru Society" too into the role so emotional ups and downs, Now even insomnia. Grace smiled : "run extremely concerned about the other actors, Therefore, we agreed to look at "a one" to alleviate the hardship of Acacia. "Grace has even been frantically to call a friend, see every face is complete agreement when the next meeting date, Therefore, the boyfriend (Charlie) also found time as much as possible with her.

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