Monday, July 09, 2007

Sunyaowei publicity female fans throw Xinshe

Photo : swagger around were many female fans support

Sunyaowei Plaza in Tsuen Wan yesterday held "So far ... So Close" Signed, More than 200 fans in attendance. This Sunyaowei separated by decades will be held for signature, and he is not close female fans who delivered heart-shaped balloons, more shoulders to take hugging, Female fans from pursuing their hands together rope skipping, is a "big concession."

Sun Yao Wei said that the last signature before the handover of Hong Kong would, therefore think that this is especially meaningful. He was very happy album quickly launched three weeks, has sales of close to the record. He said that later will own money or staff to eat or even to travel, But now for next month in nine exhibition will be shown at the concert preparations. He also requested the scandal girlfriend should adopt children cheer? He said with a smile could be interested, if not the heart would not have had.

He recently to be photographed with the "recovery of female" sea water skiing, said Sun Yao Wei, which is trying cousin studied in Britain for the students, They returned to Hong Kong on holiday together. Fortunately, he said with a smile as the "REQUEST Girls", than said he and "overtaking women" put to sea. He explained that he was able aunt who took care of the duo, who also went to the Lan Kwai Fong entertainment. As for the love life, he said that right now in our work, his recent more positive music, Chu is the first of several "secret ammunition."

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