Monday, July 09, 2007

Wu Yu Fei choose health first

"Fresh Yoshinoya ultimate power game" in Kwai Fong yesterday will be held Yang Jin (Miki) and Wu Yu Fei (Kary) was invited to be guest judges, hers doll with the assistance of dancing dolphins.

Zhang Tian Ai daughter Xing Jia Qian boyfriend Kelvin for possessing a small amount of marijuana, arrested by the police. Kary with the Kelvin - sex scandal, she said the incident did not contact each other. But she planned for the future-SMS greetings. She disclosed that the other side has six months without meeting, she said : "We all have our own busy, he also has his girlfriend. "Asked her feel lucky that the incident occurred after the scandal, she said it was not the case that Besides failing to do so will not have to worry about. She said her boyfriend election will choose healthy, and hope that the other side is not bad habits.

In addition, yesterday Kary very tense at the scene to explain Miki, She reports that the original interview with Miki in the salon without talking things over, she said she was not the intention, just said you have no time for talk has turned into unexpected negative news, Miki understood her meaning, she is not to blame. Kary broken again and development, not only of the director and is also getting better and better.

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