Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Viewfinder Huangchuyi Taiwan will have no time to a friend

Photo : Huangchuyi talked about his trip to Taiwan

Huangchuyi yesterday to a radio interview for the upcoming launch of the television program "I Shangyu water" propaganda. Program she introduced a lot of different herbal materials, and many are unable to buy in Hong Kong, Huang Shu Yi also said frankly this is indeed a great pity, But can let you know more soup material is a good thing. This program she went to the Mainland and Taiwan viewfinder shooting.

Huang Shu Yi said that although only on the road, but the trip to Taiwan is very difficult. Battalion went to the Chianan Plain, the weather department is very special, every day they will "Afternoon thunderstorm" appeared. After more rain hot weather, they have to fight for time on good shooting day, the time is very tight.

One day they are coming under heavy rain ripped the chicken walk, Huang Shu Yi says with a laugh that he then became ours. Originally she would like to contact the Taiwanese friend, the way to gather, and now daily from 6:00 a.m. to get up and make-up, 7:00, has been photographed 21:00, the entire people has become extremely exhausted. The worst was not the end of her skin more sensitive to local need fresh injection of medicine to treat the 3rd.

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