Tuesday, July 10, 2007

"Fate from organic" good ratings

Photo : Sunny and pleasant cooperation Wuyongwei (information Photo)

By Wu Yong Wei Chan and starring the TV drama "The margin from organic" broadcast finished last week, the average viewership of 33, more than a week or a little. Friday broadcast the finale, the highest audience for 35 points, the results are pretty good.

"Recruit a more" to maintain an average viewership of 32 points, no fluctuation. Tina auspices of the "rising power", the average rating of 19.0, up one point. Saturday broadcast of the "Hong Kong Federation of Women to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the presents : a harmonious family Chung Show" ratings only 19:00. Sunday broadcast of "Archive For vegetables column," and "inequality" rose three points, respectively 22:00 and 12:00 ratings.

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