Monday, July 09, 2007

With 1,000 Hua hope "Bujuro" become so girls

Photo : Miriam Yeung and Jian-Hua Huo publicity drama "Bujuro"

Miriam Yeung and Jian-Hua Huo Qi yesterday for the TV drama "Bujuro" propaganda, Jian-Hua Huo not listen to Cantonese, But even the master of ceremonies in Cantonese to him to ask questions, the last from 1000 to Hua act as interpreter. The duo was also the platform for the children playing sword-evaluation, but some of the children may be on to the stage fright "bad points." But still does not know how to handle the master of ceremonies. Hua 1000 results turn to smooth things over, said with a smile as big photo shoot, but also take the children to step down.

Subsequently, the 1000 Hua said that the good news will be fresh, because we have a long term arrival. She also know what we should phase and what was so Jian-Hua Huo reduce embarrassment. She said : "The visual effect is the most important information can stop. But if the film is bad, and to tear down on King sleepless fill. "She believed that the master of ceremonies yesterday because the younger, do not know how the Mainland TV drama production, only appeared a bit tricky situation.

Chuan Guo-Li Zhang recent illness, the other side also a drama performances. 1000 Hua said that prior to the Shanghai attended the opening ceremony also seen the other side, he has a good spirit, it is a bit tired. The drama has been for the sale of pirated, 1000 Hua believe that the impact is not great, because she was equipped with a Cantonese version. Hua movie will reach 1,000 dead, and she hoped that the leading opera can survive if they are one, so that the boss Lin Jian Yue Kai action films to shoot her. She shot action comedy, but the boss would not believe her competence, thought that she was using substitute. She said : "They really incredible and so was the money side and only video-spine money. If ratings, and Mr. Lin letter I should play. "However, the show only in NOW TV broadcast, she worried about ratings? 1000 Hua said many people will be looking at, but also to think about the good aspects of this life will be better.

Jian-Hua Huo came to Hong Kong two days, he was asked if he came to Hong Kong to have contact with the scandal-Rosamund Kwan? He said this trip a good time, plus was not the slightest, so little contact, but he hopes to be a chance to share a meal.

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