Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Zhuo Wu Xi Chengdu Paiju eye-opener

Photo : Zhuo Wu Xi (left) and Linuo Yi "margin doll" play in Chengdu

Zhuo Wu Yi Xi with Linuo last month, the Chengdu filming the TV drama "Chocolate Lovers" In addition to the earlier two-absorbed spirituality, entertainment is the largest study of where to eat, Since Hao-Min Chen has participated in the performances, they are always "three fencer" access eat, and the only "sports" is tennis.

The first to go out Boju Zhuo Wu Xi and frankly this is a very good experience, because we can see the production. He said : "This is because there is actually behind the scenes to the Mainland team, a very fresh form. "Though it is summer, but the weather is not Chengdu As for the" Nanai, "coupled with a sufficient sleep, so shoot very happily. Asked to make a substantial extra income, will reward myself? He said : "We will not, nor do I intend to, but it would consider buying gift to the parents. "

Yi Wang Linuo executive director's megaphone

As for the same sea of virginity Linuo Yee, I think that this Paiju of experience, the experience, he said, in fact, like when behind, hoping to see more different production, the opportunity to taste the future director taste. As for the hard work entirely alone, he said : "consciously or new stage, a rare opportunity we should take advantage of, Moreover, epigenetic Aberdeen do again suffered in the already happily. "

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