Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Miss Gigi Leung in acting tough it is worthy of recognition

Photo : Miss Gigi Leung (right) in a movie was overturned ground collision between abrasions

Miss Gigi Leung (Jay) presents "Woman? Character "shown on the 3rd, the good responses. Jay sprightly which more appreciated, as the famous film critic in recent years, she is the best representative. Jay in a movie than the first to break the image of beauty challenges boldly intimate theater, more buried at the true person who bayonet fighting pleasing performances. These scenes are stresses and Jay played by the high-level group appointed by the company as "1895" went out layoffs, However, the retrenched employees vent their anger and ambushes Jay.

Drama angrily slapped the staff viewed the Face, more importantly, she pushed onto the ground hard, but fortunately the scene in time to stop Ye Yuan, With courage and the presence of her boyfriend Jay therefore are not to be outdone, are still making every possible effort to fight back. to show that a woman is not easy to bully the "Woman character." The directors intend to be "ready" to complete, but for the sake Jay shooting out realistic effect and the initiative proposed to "real beating," She said : "Although there was pushing abrasions, but the results we are very satisfied with the hard work is worth one point. "

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