Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Kenny surrendered Lu Fei end nails Keys

Photo : SWAT (left), Kary and Kenny Qi attended activities

Kenny Kwan (Kenny), SWAT (Eric), Kary Ng (Kary) and DJ Leo yesterday to attend the "2007 Hong Kong Kuala ITU triathlon events Asian Cup press conference," the scene arrange for them to receive test different campaigns, wearing trousers shortwave Kenny in the running, inadvertently disclosure of the end of the red shirt dress and personal Eric, into the game more "flying nails," Kenny and Eric because sneaked away and successful actor, sexy Kary has been overshadowed limelight.

Several singers arranged for the various sports competitions, Kenny arrangements were running, he put on shortwave pants entries of 250 during the games, when he? Under the photograph is, inadvertently exposed kinky. While Eric was in the underwater fighting obturator, because he wore the T-shirt too close, which is 2:00 thoroughly. Lu sneaked away carelessly end of Kenny, initially indifferent generous said, and then explained : "suddenly aware of the pants to hold up, not with before that go to trial before the upper Taiwan and found the side of the pants wide open good-well, not really accept that I have with pin assignment." Kenny admitted it is since the first entry showing people wearing shorts, are often exposed edge, it does not matter, since there is no pretending, said with a smile after scoring only worried about complaints, because not every see his goatee, black men Moreover what good-looking!

Men indifferent flying nails

Eric Leo and the underwater fighting obturator, Leo slim two seconds to win the Eric. Eric says, the water, we have the feeling that it is water into the eardrums, brain seems to have been punctured like, very uncomfortable and very cold water, wearing his pants slide, because no wear kinky, the more cold, so I finally could not help but back on the surface. He talked about flying nails goatee, Eric generous, flying nails is an accident, and it is sent to the black men flying nails Indifferent, and Leo has just teasing "Rediscovering showing bags."

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