Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Alex Fong from media wants 08 Olympic torch

Photo : Alex Fong timer at the airport Olympic opening ceremony

"Omega-Olympics countdown to the Hong Kong International Airport opening ceremony" yesterday at the Hong Kong International Airport, the Assembly invited the Hong Kong Sports Federation and Olympic Committee president Timothy Fok, the Olympic equestrian Chief Executive Officer, Mr Lam and Hong Kong PHAB equestrian team captain Xieshaokang other officiate, Alex Fong and celebrities while Omega Ambassador and former Olympic swimmer attended. The event is aimed for next year and the Beijing Olympic organizing of the Olympic equestrian competition countdown.

It is the second year as Omega Ambassador Alex Fong said the Hong Kong airport for Beijing Olympic Games set up the timer, is the pride of Hong Kong people. As for the Omega Diershisannian has been selected as the designated Olympic timer. 04 small parties on behalf of Hong Kong to the Greek Olympic Games torch, there were other people doing torch still Liu, Yao and Jacky Cheung. He is good in 08 Beijing Olympics, you can have the opportunity to represent Hong Kong to do torch. He will know that a lot of artists have striven to do, I wonder whether he can volunteered, only through the media speak out.

When the auspices of the Olympic volunteered

Fang said that the last Olympic torch, he still retains the occasion, the father specifically made for him by one seat to display the torch. Small themselves are watching the Olympic competitions, which are favorite course swim, followed by basketball and hurdling events like all good. So he has decided to do next year must volunteered Olympic program host, do not want to miss the opportunity to enjoy the Olympics. In addition, a playground before Busan Ferris wheel accidents occurred, resulting in people lost their lives. Fang also noted the matter, he felt pity and felt very uncomfortable. He noted that in Hong Kong before the World Carnival has played this ferris wheel, but in recent years, probably because of old age, are not too exciting anymore AMUSEMENT.

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