Thursday, August 16, 2007

Orlando : regression drama understandable

Map : Hsu Shao-xiong (from left), Liang Jing Qi, Fla., LI Ya, Tang Ying, Ellesmere Choy publicity in Guangzhou, "a situation" (Wen Wei Po reporter Huang Yang Peng perturbation)

PRC Xinhua Yang Peng on the 15th Guangzhou -- CCTV and TVB's return to jointly build big drama "Fengyun years," a quiz car presentation ceremony was held in Guangzhou today, the actor plays Orlando, Liang Jing Qi, Tang Ying, LI Ya, Hsu Shao-xiong, Ellesmere Choy, etc. Free scene excitement . For some viewers drama means "half-Chinese, half-Port", Fla., said if the two sides again, the voice and plots link has improved.

The next improvement

Some viewers considered "Fengyun years" lost port taste, not smooth lines, the existence of two plays rhythm taste 2. This, Fla., said the CCTV with TVB, for the first time, the actor plays the Mainland and Hong Kong actor performed, is a relatively new combination. Many of the mainland viewers TVB, Hong Kong Plays habits of the past in one smooth feeling. Hong Kong actor programs with Chinese Music, to some viewers seem uncomfortable. Through this experience, I believe the next time when the CCTV again, the voice and plots link improved results will be better.

Conflict struggle for the play extent not strong enough, then that crashed, and CCTV initial cooperation, script approval and backstage staff, are doing a very detailed, but also very strict. As CCTV requirements of the program theme, in order to take into account both sides of the market, the plot and script in the original creativity there were some discrepancies. The play the villain is not strong enough contrast to the conflict, shown to be relatively conservative, but as a big reunion show, which is understandable.

Liang Jing Qi said today making this movie, very nervous, "This is to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the reunification of the show and movie predecessors luxury lineup, I was very excited, very nervous."

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