Thursday, August 16, 2007

Wang Jian joint Harlem "badly treated" Lu Lysa

Map : Harlem and shoes (left 5, 6), "More Angel" pleasant cooperation

Taiwan singer Steve Martin (4.6%) and Bowman invited (Patrick) to 30 wireless sets new game "of the world -" do auspices, and lost fresh beauty pageant Mr Hao abuse and eight other ZHENG beauty, but also in the program component "More Angel" yesterday they held together at the mall publicity activities, and invited Chen Minzhi Lu Lysa and playable game. But two auspices of a race no grabbed two of hearts, and when Min Zhi Lu Lysa was blindfolded taste test hand into wooden boxes and guess what-box, two tertiary selection mustard, soy sauce and lemon juice to taste test them, so that they get "according to magnetize only have!"

Speaking the same language

Harlem Cantonese was not very good, to be chaired Cantonese programs have difficulty. He confessed not because he is the first one to use Mandarin Jade program in the game, but this recognition is very bold wireless, he is also a big challenge. He laughs : "My friends thought I was doing this time Dongfeng, Andy Lau and other Chinese auspices of the radio, when it is known for TVB Jade chaired do, they will not believe!" In the next Patrick also said he can not speak Putonghua well, this cooperation with the Harlem, mainly want to create a speak the same language of funny - .

Reward satisfaction

He fingers a few laughs : "reward good satisfaction, there were a lot-digit ah! But it is necessary to Hong Kong and Taiwan, both fly, a week to come to a video (not less time with your son?) He is enrolled in pre-school, is not a major problem. "As to whether Taiwan is a friend of the artist - phase program. The Harlem respect, but shall not disclose to avoid going to speak out can not be not very good. As Patrick admitted it will ask the near Tokyo Alex Fong and other friends were doing, it will invite friends here Classics. Harlem is looking to live guest Patrick smiled : "Oh! I understand! "Patrick immediately to his embarrassment.

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